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The year I got Stuck in the North

My best photo of 2017?

Recently the Flickr group “Your Best Shot of 2017” has opened. It’s usually an excellent opportunity for a few days/weeks/months old photo to get some visibility again from a rather large audience.

Last year, selecting my best/favorite photo of the year was easy. Since my trip to Japan in March 2016, I had known which one I would choose. It simply was the best photo I had ever taken.

My best/favorite photo of 2016.

But this year I’ve taken so many photos that it’s just impossible to choose a single one.

Many choices

Choosing a single photo to represent the past year means to make many choices. In particular, it’s about selecting a single character, a single location, and a single time of the year.

Choosing a single photo is like picking one or two of my favorite toys over the others. I don’t have a favorite toy but many.

I don’t want to give more importance to the time spent in Oulu, my three road trips to Northern Norway, or the three toy safaris I attended.

Finally, I don’t want to favor summer or winter.

The Snow Queen, in Oulu, during the winter?

Aria the Butterfly Girl, on the island of Senja, at the end of the winter?

Spooky Girl and Gollum, in Oulu, during the winter?

Master Yoda and Admiral Ackbar, on the island of Hinnøya, at the end of the winter?

My Sigfig, in Oulu, during the winter?

Jack and Morgan, my Lost Pirates, in Oulu, at the beginning of the winter?

The Fire Dragon, in Rokua National Park, at the beginning of the summer?

The Dragon Queen, in Helsinki, during the summer?

Moomintroll, in Stockholm’s Archipelago, during the summer?

The Water Dragon, in Scotland?

Admiral Ackbar, in London?

Woody, in San Francisco?

Making a choice

Still, I can only post one photo in the “Your Best Shot of 2017” group and so I have to choose.

My best photo of 2017? T-Rap, on the island of Magerøya, during the summer.

Is this my best photo (or favorite) photo of the year? I don’t think so.

It was improvised and taken in a few minutes. I’m pretty sure I could have got something much better if I had spent more time working on it. But it was taken close to the Northernmost place in Europe. A place I never imagined I would visit a bit more than a year ago.

For that reason, I think it’s the photo that best symbolizes and summarizes 2017…

The year I got Stuck in the North.

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  1. Stefano Rugolo 2017-12-06

    I think all your pictures are exceptional made so the choice goes to the pictures that ment most to you despite the technical achievement.

    • Reiterlied 2017-12-07 — Post Author

      Thanks for your comment! Choosing a best picture is so difficult (and can mean different things) that it’s indeed easier to go with the most meaningful one.

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